If you are organising a conference or local meet-up and you are looking for speakers to fill regular or lightning slots I would absolutely love to hear from you.

To date I have spoken at the following events:

Manchester 2015 & 2016, Edinburgh 2015 & 217 and London 2016.

WordPress Meetups:
Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Belfast.

Topics I have spoken about so far include:

Boilerplating WordPress

An Introduction to WooCommerce Development

Why Switching to WordPress Coding Standards Will
Make You a Better Developer

Building Themes Using the WordPress Customizer API

A bit of background:

In July 2015 I gave a talk at the WP Sheffield meetup, which was my first ever public speaking gig since I began my career as a web professional.

Whilst public speaking is something I am still relatively new to, I have really enjoyed delivering a number of talks on the conference/meetup circuit since that first time in Sheffield, and I continue to develop new talk ideas and seek out new events to speak at.

I love travelling to community events in the UK and further afield to see new places, meet new faces, exchange opinions and ideas etc, but ultimately my goal is to help people by sharing my own experiences, conclusions and expertise.

Moving forward I am interested in speak in at a wider variety of events, particularly those focusing on front-end development, e-commerce and accessibility. That said, I fully intend to continue speaking at WordPress events wherever possible!