About Me

Professional Life

I’m a Mancunian web developer with over 7 years experience and a passion for creating robust web experiences that are responsive, accessible, performant and help both clients and their customers/users to achieve their objectives.

I started writing HTML & CSS in the mid-1990s when the Internet was just starting to take off, and naturally moved into Sass, PHP and JavaScript over time as it became clear to me that I would eventually be settling into a career as a developer. Presently I’m having a lot of fun working with ReactJS, ES6 and REST APIs which is a refreshing change and a lot more fun!

In my role as Director & Senior Developer at Make Do, my typical week will see me writing Front-end, WordPress and WooCommerce code in the form of themes and plugins for clients, whilst overseeing our overall front-end/theming output. Time permitting I also work on several free plugins and side projects to give back to the WordPress/WooCommerce community.

I’m also extremely passionate about working as efficiently as possible, reducing the amount of time taken to complete projects by identifying tasks that can be automated or “boilerplated” to spend more time developing and less time on set-up, configuration and tooling. This is why I’ve been so focused on building Kapow!┬áthe bespoke WordPress development boilerplate/workflow we use at Make Do.

On the subject of speaking, I can occasionally be found delivering talks at local WordPress meet-ups and regional WordCamp events. I’m also a member of the WordCamp Manchester organising team, and a co-organiser of FrontEndNorth, a web development conference held in Sheffield courtesy of Make Do.

Make Do is a remote-working agency specialising in WordPress development, design, support and maintenance; we create reliable, high value WordPress solutions that are delivered on time and on budget.

You can find us at https://www.makedo.net, call 01143 606660 or email hello@makedo.net

Personal Life

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