A new talk for new speaking gigs

I’m excited to confirm that I’ll be taking a positive step toward meeting both of these development goals this coming April when I deliver a lightning talk at WordCamp London.

I really enjoyed the event last year, and although I was already planning on attending again this year with the Make Do chaps, I’m stoked (I have no idea what this word is but I feel I should be using it) to be delivering a shorter version of a new talk I’m writing entitled…

“Why WordPress Coding Standards will make you a better developer”

I’ll be sharing my experiences with WordPress Coding Standards after I made the switch last Autumn, highlighting the features and benefits in the process. This is what the lighting version of the talk is going to cover as much as possible in the 10 minute slot!

The full-fat version will be delivered at local WordPress meet-ups and should be 25-30 minutes long. It’ll contain the same content as the lightning talk, but will then go deeper to actually run through the steps you need to get this working locally using the popular IDEs Sublime Text and Atom Editor on OSX. Maybe some Windows love too. Maybe.

Ultimately the goal of the talk is to convince you to make the change to your workflow, as I’m a better WordPress developer as a result. I strongly recommend it to anyone who builds WordPress themes or plugins for a living: especially if you work in a team.

I’m also excited to confirm that I’ll be delivering the full-fat version of the talk at WordPress Sheffield on March 8th and WordPress North East on May 18th after chatting with messirs Kimb Jones and Steven Jones (no relation!) at A Day of REST last week. Hoping to confirm one or two other local gigs in the coming weeks.

It would be great to see you at WordCamp London. Buy your ticket now!

P.S Penned this post using the new Calypso desktop app. Might blog some thoughts on it tomorrow!