Dave Green

WordPress, WooCommerce and Front-end Expert

Director & Senior Engineer at Make Do

Hello! I am an experienced Mancunian web developer with a passion for creating robust, user friendly web experiences that help both clients and their end users scratch their itches. I specialise in these three areas:


Making WordPress do more with fully bespoke theme & plugin development, integrations with custom systems/APIs and more.


Leveraging the many powerful features of WooCommerce to create bespoke, feature-rich and reliable stores that convert.


Clean, robust, performant and accessible code written using modern web standards and the latest tools and technologies.

Get in Touch

Make Do is a remote-working agency specialising in WordPress development, design, support and maintenance; we create reliable, high value WordPress solutions that are delivered on time and on budget.

You can find us at www.makedo.net, call 01143 606660 or drop us a line at hello at makedo dot net. We would love to hear from you!

Want to get in touch with me directly? hello at davetgreen dot me is the address you need. You can also find me on GitHub or in the official WordPress and WooCommerce Slack communities.

Recruiters; please don’t waste my or your time, thanks! I'm also unable to offer plugin support directly via email; please raise a ticket on the relevant forum/repository and I'll take a look!

About Me


I started writing HTML & CSS in the mid-1990s when the Internet was just starting to take off, and the "dot com boom" was on the horizon.

I naturally moved into PHP and JavaScript as it became clear to me that my long term career goal was to be a developer; though I spent many years working in Hosting, SEO and PPC along the way before settling with code.

These days I spend the bulk of my time writing PHP, ES6 and ReactJS, but haven't lost my passion for good old semantic & accessible HTML markup and well crafted (S)CSS! I've also become a bit of a workflow & tooling nerd; efficiency for the win!

My typical week will see me working on a variety of WordPress and WooCommerce projects with varying degrees of complexity/customisation in the form of themes and plugins for clients, whilst overseeing the overall output and strategy of our Engineering team.

Time permitting I also work on several free plugins and side projects to give back to the WordPress/WooCommerce community; because I love Open Source software and like to contribute something back.


I am a devoted; husband to my wife Sarah whom I married in May 2018, father to my baby son Henry and step-father to my four year old step-son Jon-Paul. Finally, I have a dog called Chewie, my faithful Shi-Tzu sidekick and co-pilot of the Milennium Falcon.

I'm a huge TV & Film nerd, especially for all things sci-fi/fantasy/comic book. I enjoy reading, particulary espionage novels by the likes of John le Carré and political & military non-fiction.

Recently I've taken up Freestyle Karate Jitsu for self-defence and all-round fitness, and I enjoy running and trekking for charity whenever and wherever possible, as well as working out with Kettlebells.

Speaking of charity, I'm currently in the process of applying to become a member of the UK Garrison of the global 501st Stormtrooper legion, combining my love of sci-fi and charity fundraising!